Webinar Summary

This course provides students an in-depth look at what co-active coaching is, along with developing listening skills at a deep level, how to be comfortable when big emotions show up and cornerstones of a coaching relationship.

How to Earn 2 CEU's


1. Read the book-Co-Active Coaching, 4th Edition, by Karen Kimsey-House, Sandhal and Whitworth. 

2. Then join our 1 hour recorded webinar moderated by Kendy Anderson (TCCU Director), and listen to insights learned from your coaching colleagues.

3. Take our short survey.

4. Receive your CEU certificate.


From those that attended this webinar live:

"I enjoyed reading this book. It identified some opportunities for me to hone my craft. The meeting was inciteful. As always, I enjoy hearing other coach's perspectives."

"I'm so glad that this program exists! I love reading a new book each month that will help me to become a better coach. Kendy does a fantastic job with her PowerPoint decks and leading our discussions."

"I really enjoyed the Co-Active Coaching book. There were a lot of actionable nuggets of information throughout this book and it was written in a way that made it interesting and easy to follow/implement."

"Loved the book! The content/concepts are very useful to me personally and professionally. I appreciated the shares by Kendy and participants. It's enriching to hear what others other's learned and thought of it, in the book club hour."