Webinar Summary

This course provides students with 7 questions to develop coaching skills. Also covered are masterclass coaching skills to be implemented in your coaching practice.

How to Earn 2 CEU's


1. Read the book:  The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier.

2. Then join our 1 hour recorded webinar moderated by Kendy Anderson (TCCU Director), and listen to insights learned from your coaching colleagues.

3. Take our short survey.

4. Receive your CEU certificate.


From those that attended this webinar live:

"I very much enjoyed this book as well as hearing what stood out to other coaches. It was very inspiring to hear ideas of how to others were applying the concepts presented in the book. The discussion was well-moderated any overall quite enjoyable!"

"This is a wonderful and useful way to earn CEUs!"

"I really enjoyed this book - it was an easy read with some great takeaways. I work in more of a management role, so I found some of the questions the author suggested using really relevant to my day-to-day."

"Nice to hear others thoughts and how they change some of the questions to fit their coaching style ."

"I always really appreciate the time spent listening to other coaches. I find the environment conducive to learning and supportive."